Luigi Is Number 1!


Vote Green.Vote Luigi. It’s Not Just A Pipe Dream…


Luigi has always been a fighter. A brawler for the downtrodden. A brave warrior of the mushroom kingdom.  A blue collar, hard working, ghost vacuuming specialist, and pipe entering, down and dirty plumber.

He’s a loving and loyal brother to sibling Mario.

He’s wonderful and compassionate friend to multi-colored friends called Toads and a long-tongued, shoe-wearing dinosaur named Yoshi.


He’s also, along with his brother Mario, part of a brave search and rescue team that repeatedly rescues the famous Princess Peach from the villainous threats of Bowser, the Koopa Kids, Bowser Jr., and all of his cronies and henchmen from Goombas to Koopa Troompas.

He has a “never quit attitude”.

Despite falling into countless holes, burning his rear in boiling hot lava, sinking into the abyss of deep waters, having Thwomps crush him, Piranha Plants bite him, and having red colored turtle shells ricochet back at him off pipes… the devoted plumber simply dusts himself off…grabs that power up mushroom, and just hits the ground running once again.

If you’re looking for a champion…

If you’re looking for the right person to represent you…

If you’re looking for someone that will fight for you…

You don’t have to look any further than the overall wearing Luigi!

Luigi can help you reach economic levels as good he has been able to achieve. A vote for him will have you improving your life and piling up wealth as easy as you running along a grassy hillside collecting gold coins.

A vote for luigi means that in moments of difficulties in your life (like a random Goomba tripping you up or underestimating the length of a Chain Chomps chain and getting to close and being hit by its aggressive chomp!) you can simple get up and reach up for a little Star Power and rush forward through life while blowing all obstacles in your way. Everyone needs a little moments of invincibility am I right?

A vote for green means that any dream you aspire to achieve CAN be achieved!

If a humble plumber can learn to master aggressive paranormal eradication with a simple vacuum cleaner, just imagine what he can inspire you to do?

If this moustached Italian can master mixed martial arts techniques so strong that give him the abilities to go to bare knuckles (well…not really. He does wear white gloves.) with sword wielding warriors, fire breathing monsters, powerful punching gorillas, and laser cannon blasting bounty hunters from outer space in all out, one on one brawls, and long brutal melees; just imagine what he can inspire YOU TO DO?

This simple plumber has learned to drive professionally on race tracks built on beaches, farms full of cattle, in jungles, in haunted and creaking old houses, in the middle of a frozen tundras, and even in what appears to be an alternative universe where roads look like rainbows (where one misstep can a have driver fall off course into an empty vastnest of space). If he can master that profession, what makes you think you can’t reach for that next promotion at your job?

A vote for Luigi means that you’re voting for someone that believes in YOU.

He knows; if he can reach levels of success and reach pinnacles in his life he never even dreamed about way back in the early 1980’s, when he was barely known, and many times was confused with his older brother wearing different clothes, that you can achieve great things too.

So when you hit that ballot box drop your vote in for Luigi. Vote GREEN!