Luigi On Taxes

Luigi On Taxes…


We all hate it. We all hate taxes. For thousands and thousands of years, human beings have had to deal with people in power collecting taxes.

The good thing in America is that for the most part, the wealthiest people in the country tend to pay the most taxes. People with lower incomes don’t really have to worry about it much.

You might think that someone like Luigi is okay with this model of tax collection but you would be shocked to learn he isn’t at all. Luigi has spent the last 20 years collecting and amassing a huge amounts of coins. Of course, this has made him into a multi-millionair. It’s taken him that long to pile up all that wealth, so why does he have to be unfairly taxed for all of his hard work?

Luigi Believes That Everyone Should Pay Taxes, Even The Poor.

Now, you might be wondering why Luigi thinks in this way…

Luigi strongly believes that if everyone participates and if everyone is involved with having some skin in the game with paying into the federal government, then all of a sudden, everyone is going to care about what government does with the money they take.

You see, Luigi has always believed in paying an equal percentage of tax to the federal government. He is very much aware that government does need money to function. We need a military, we need roads, bridges, and infrastructure. We need police, fire departments, first responders for medical emergencies. We need money for schools and teachers. We need money to help with social programs to help the less fortunate (to an extent of course.

Luigi knows a good, strong, and reliable government, needs to be well funded but he also knows all too well how much government waste and corruption takes place. The majority of the citizens don’t even know what is spent on government and in what quantities because they simply do not care. They don’t pay into any of it so why should they?

Now imagine this…

Every single solitary citizen earning money in the United States got taxed at 20% no matter how much or how little they made. So a teenager working fast food part time makes $10,000 a year would pay a $2,000 tax bill. Now a doctor making $1,000,000 a year would also be taxed at the same 20% and would pay $200,000 a year. They both pay 20% and is totally and completely fair.

Here is another thing…

There would be a lot more revenue to go around and it would fund things easily. Luigi believes that it’s a lot easier to shake down 1,000,000 people for $20 each to fund $20,000,000 worth of government than to try to shake down a guy making $100 million a year who will obviously lawyer up and find every possible loophole to avoid paying as little as he can.

Luigi learned this way back in the 1980’s when he say people pumping out quarter after quarter into those arcade cabinets to play his wacky adventures in cleaning pipes from turtles and crabs. Entire businesses ran on collecting quarters!

Luigi also strongly believes that if this idea was implemented, it would unite the nation. Like he like to say, everyone at that point will have “skin in the game”. 

All of a sudden, that young kid making $10,000 year is going to actually care how much the government spends to repair a road. A cashier at Walmart making $20,000 a year and having to pay $4,000 in taxes is suddenly going to have a major issue on how much is spent on education. A kid scooping ice cream making minimum wage after school will have a cow knowing $40 of his $200 is spent foolishly on some stupid government grant to fund how long it takes paint to dry. Everyone would care. Everyone would pay attention.

Luigi also understands that there are people that really believe that the wealthiest Americans should pay more. Well, with Luigi’s tax plan they do. A guy making 100 million a year would pay 20 million dollars. A guy making 1 billion a year would pay 200 million dollars. Have a gal making $1,000,000 a year? Well, guess what? She would be forking over $200,000 in taxes. That’s a tremendous amount of money the wealthiest would pay. Even people that own their own business like a window cleaning business that makes a six figure income will pay big. There would be no way to avoid paying it.

So many politicians like dividing us up. They like to pit one American against another American. It is so much easier that way to get elected. That’s why they do it. The pit the rich against the poor. They put a race of people between another.

It’s not the way to do things. We need to do things that unite us all. It in incredibly difficult to get every American on the same page with just about anything these day. Is’nt crazy to think that maybe, just maybe, something like paying taxes could be the way unite us all?

In the beginning, when the founding fathers framed the United States of America they understood that a central government was a necessary evil. The put in place ways to prevent it from becoming too powerful.

Luigi can find no other way to not only keep in check by having every citizen pay the tab to fund it, while at the same time having the power to cut off its funding. Powerful as the government can be, it still must not, in no way shape or form, ever bite the hand that feeds it. And in this case, bite the hand of every single American citizen that feeds it.

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Luigi On The Environment and Energy

Luigi On The Environment and Energy


As we all know, Luigi busted out into the scene way back in 1983. Ever since those days, he’s remembered the countless time’s people has said the earth and the environment are going down the pipes.

Way back in those days it was called the “Greenhouse Effect”. They claimed that we, the human race, was creating so much exhaust from all of our fossil fuel burning, that we were starting to create a barrier that trapped in the sun’s rays and was starting to warm up the earth.

Luigi would look at small kids being taught this as saw how they felt horrible about the whole thing!

As the years went by, for some reason or another, they no longer used the words “Greenhouse Effect” anymore. Luigi would be confused as he started to hear it called “Global Warming” next. He guessed maybe they started to call it that since that was what the greenhouse effect was supposed to be causing it. This seemed to be the thing to call what, supposedly, the human race was doing to destroy its own environment.

Luigi took notice as this whole “Global Warming” kept trending all through the 1990’s around the time he and his brother were introduced to new worlds and new friends. Wasn’t long before they once again changed the whole term for the human race, supposedly, destroying the environment to now being called “Climate Change”. Probably had to do with certain parts of the world not warming at all. Luigi has even heard that we might actually be having more ice on the polar ice caps than we had before!

The reason Luigi brings all of this up is that he strongly believes that human beings simply cannot change the climate! 

The reason he doesn’t think so is that Luigi and his brother have visited numerous different worlds, many that aren’t located by science, and he sees how much destruction happens to this world’s (Mario Galaxy) and they always seem to bounce right back. The mushroom kingdom has been invaded more times than you can count with villains, piranha plants, Koopa kids taking over castles and fortresses, and every time Mario and Luigi.

He feels like the same thing happens with the earth. He strongly believes that whatever we do to this world and its environment, someway, somehow, it will bounce right back. The earth just like other worlds always goes through changes.

What’s that old science law say? Energy and matter are always in a constant state of motion. Always. Why should the environment and the climate be any different?

Wouldn’t it be odd if it was always 90 degrees in a certain part of the USA every single year and every single day?

Does this mean he thinks we should just be reckless and be polluting away like other much more populated countries do every day? Of course not! We should use the natural resources we got responsibly and cleanly until we do find new sources of energy can be discovered.

On other worlds, he saw how energy was emitted from a simple bouncing star that he touched and it gave him an incredible energy that it actually made his entire body glow. It also rendered him invincible for a short period of time. He has also touched gigantic flowers that gave him abilities to throw fireballs from his bare hands without burning him! He even stumbled upon these same flowers of different varieties that gave him the ability to throw ice without giving him frostbite!

Keep in mind that all of these strange sources of energy were completely natural and gave off no known emissions. Perhaps one day, we in the USA will find a way to create clean sources of energy that can serve the entire world.

For now, Luigi is a huge supporter of using all of our energy sources that we can here on our own turf. He wants to use natural gas, oil, and coal. He also wants to use solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear power whenever he can. In his opinion, whatever energy source is the cheapest and can provide the most for most Americans is the energy source we need to focus on the most.

The world will endure. No matter what we use to fuel or energy needs, the earth will always bounce back. Even if we did damage it, are we not then admitting that we can change the environment? If we can control it, why couldn’t we change it right back then?


Luigi Will Stomp Out Terrorism

Luigi Will Stomp Out Terrorism…

Luigi on the cover may give the appearance of being a bit scared and easily intimidated but he only does that to give the impression that he’s not willing to fight. However, if you cross Luigi, you will feel his wrath! He is absolutely relentless and will stop at nothing to conquer his enemies.

Luigi has an incredibly strong stance against terrorism. He will not tolerate it in any way. Luigi is not afraid.

He believes that terrorist organization can not be bargained with or negotiated with.

Luigi is willing to take the fight to the enemy on their own turf if the need should arise.

Don’t believe him?

Just look at how he and his brother have gone out, clearly outnumbered and undersupplied, to attack and defend the citizens of the mushroom kingdom.

They have faced a tyrannical dictator time and time again and the forces of carnivorous plants, huge hammer wielding turtles, airborne attacks from flying turtles dropping spinny enemies from high up above and ALWAYS have come up victorious.

You see, the way Luigi sees it, there are simply bad people, enemies, and just flat out “bad guys” out in the world that need to be eradicated from the world. Sure, he has tried and tried over and over again to finish off Bowser and his minions only to have him try to come back, again and again, but what happen if he stood around and did nothing?

There is no getting along with “bad guys” like Bowser. There is no negotiating with evil doers like King Wart. All these types of villains want and desire are power and to force their way of life and beliefs onto others.

If you vote for Luigi, you will be voting for a guy that will take the fight to any person, organization, kingdom, or country that threaten the lives or way of life to the people of the United States of America. Even if it means that the odds may be not in our favor in doing so, he knows that someway, somehow, we will prevail.

He and his brother have always been a master of their environments and tactical fighting techniques. From finding fire flowers, ice flowers, magical leaves that gave them the ability to fly and descend safely from high platforms, he will use that same mindset and skillset to fight our enemies abroad.

He’s also great at building relationships and allies with foreign citizens like he and his brother were able to gain the allegiance with small, thought to be extinct dinosaurs, called Yoshi that come in a vast array of colors. They also had the remarkable ability to throw their tongues out and consume their enemies in what appear to be unlimited quantities.

Who knows what type of allies Luigi will find out there and get him to help the USA in whatever threats face our country? Who knows what resources we can tap into if we decide to take the fight to our enemies before they decide to take the fight to us?

With Luigi as commander in chief, you can rest assured that no matter what enemy decides to attack us, we will take the fight to them and squash it out as easily as he stomps out a Goomba.

Luigi’s Stance On Our Economy

Luigi’s Stance On Our Economy…


When it come to the United States America, Luigi believes that every single citizen has the potential to excel in a strong and vibrant economy. He believes that a capitalistic economy gives every single person the absolute best and fair opportunity at achieving their dreams.

Now, does that mean that Luigi believes that an individual should go out there and just be left unprepared to face the world ahead?

Absolutely not! He does believes in have a centralized Government to protect people and give them a safety net (or recovery bubbles as he like to call them) if they hit some rocky times in their lives. However, he does believe that giving people way too many bubbles will in the end hurt them. Too much help has never helped everyone. He understands that it’s the actual work and also all of the trial and errors of life that make an individual exceptional.

Luigi strongly believes in capitalistic model of economics.

Why you might ask?

He has experienced first hand how it can help a couple of italian plumbers with only plumbing skills give them a shot at greatness.

In a capitalistic model of economy he sees that private citizens help one another with goods and services that other private citizens actually need.

For example; the toilet of a homeowner is seriously clogged up or a business has their piping in their facility crawling with turtles and giant crabs, what does a homeowner or business owner do? Unclog the toilet themselves? Punch turtles and crabs from underneath where the walk to flip them over and then kick them themselves? NO SIR! they call a professional. The call the Mario Brother Plumbing Company and they go out and take care of the problem for them in exchange for money.

There are plenty of other plumbers out there for sure but customers will seek out the ones that are good and do things for a fair price. If  plumber stinks at what they do or is only able to eradicate small numbers of turtles from pipes then they will no longer be called.

That is Capitalism in it’s simplest forms.

He strongly believes that individuals should strive to attain more than they believe they can do. He often wonders why any person would sit around and wait for some elected bald guy sitting in some government office chair wait to give them a raise. Why wait for a government official to raise their minimum wage when they can go out and make a bigger wage all on their own.

He sees what a dictatorship has done for other regions of the earth and he doesn’t like it much. He well knows that dictators promise great things to their citizens to gain power only to in the end keep the power and wealth all to themselves. Just take a look at that tyrant, Bowser, trying to do it all the time!

A country like Cuba promised its people a Socialist wonderland where everyone gets a fair share of everything and look what it’s done? Luigi knows that the average wage earnings for those citizens are about $20 a month! Terrible! And no innovation has ever come from a country like that! Geez, la weez… a regular American can go out and start their own house cleaning service tomorrow and make more than that in one hour!

Luigi also wants you to REALLY think about this now…

Throughout the history of the world, only the United States Of America granted its citizens full FREEDOM to do whatever they wanted. This created a capitalistic economy. The first of its kind.

What an amazing coincidence that in the past 240 years (length of time the USA has been around) all of the most groundbreaking creations and inventions have hit the world. Electricity was discovered in America. The discovery of flight first took place in America with the Wright brothers. The first car was invented and drove off a lot in America. The light bulb was invented and first lit up in the USA. Things like the first zipper, the microwave, traffic lights, hearing aids and so many other things came from America.

The most life changing things like the computer and smartphone all came from a capitalistic country called the USA.

Why didn’t any of these come from Mexico, India, Brazil, France, or one of hundreds of other countries?

It was a capitalistic country that made it happen. The United States of America was the first to embrace such a system and it’s the system Luigi fully endorses.

Luigi’s Stance On Immigration

Luigi’s Stance On Immigration…

As we are all aware of, immigration is a huge issue in this country of ours and Luigi’s stance on it can be simplified in one small sentence…

Welcome!! However, please wait your turn… 

So what exactly does he mean by this?

It’s really simple actually. He believes that the United States of America is the greatest country that has ever excited in the history of the world. He is also VERY much aware that their are literally million upon millions of people wanting to get into this country. However, Luigi and all of his learned history and knowledge of lands that are not even geographically located on any of our maps, knows that not everyone can get in.

He strongly believes in an orderly system to allow immigrants that love America just as he does a chance to become citizens but strongly dislikes people cutting in line and getting into America illegally. Do you have any idea just how many times Luigi had to wait his turn to “go next” in all of his crazy and wacky adventures with his brother Mario!?

Luigi always…always…always waited his turn. for over 20 years he has waited his turn. He patiently waited his turn and in the beginning all of the plumbing business him and his brother started all were named after his twin brother. All of their crazy adventures that his brother and him set of to experience were all documented in historical documents, such as Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, and the list goes on and on, were all listed with his brothers name. He always waited his turn.

Sure enough, enough time passed and he was let in an he set off on his very own adventures all documented and named after him! Like the time he went out to find his lost brother in what is now called Luigi’s Mansion.

He doesn’t believe that it is fair for other people to cut in line to get into the USA. Those who really want in, in time, will get in.

Luigi does have very unique and unusual way of thinking when it come to immigration…

Although he loves it that people really want to come into the United States, he believes that we actually may be doing great harm to the world by always taking the brightest, the smartest, the hardest working people from around the world all of the time.

Here is an example he wants you, the voter to really think about.

When Princess Peach was abducted by the tyrant Bowser and all of his minions, time and time again, Princess Peach never thought about leaving her mushroom kingdom. I’m sure it had become a very pain, being kidnapped on a regular basis but she hung in there, with the help of Mario and Luigi of course!

You see, what if Princess Peach decided that she wanted to leave her kingdom and come to the United States? What would have happened to the Mushroom Kingdom and all of its citizens?

What about when Mario set off to clean Delfino Plaza and all the hijinx caused up by Bowser Jr.? What if all the citizens decided they’d like to migrate to the USA? What would have happened to that entire island with no one there to take care of it?

What about if Rosalina had left the Mario Galaxy world and left all of her Luma’s behind? What would happen to all of those Lumas and those planets?

You see, If we keep taking all the very best from the world, we are not allowing for other nations and countries to become great themselves.

With Mexico, we constantly take in the hardest working people that you can imagine. Luigi wonders what would happen if not a single solitary Mexican were ever allowed into America from this point forward, or if for some reason or another, the great United States of America vanished into thin air, or was destroyed by an asteroid and there was no place for people seeking opportunity to go to anymore, what would all those people do in their own country?

Luigi believes that they would turn it around. They would make their own country great! It does not take many to make a change. All it takes is one George Washington, one Abe Lincoln, one Mahatma Gandhi, one Martin Luther King Jr. to make a monstrous change to the world. I mean, c’mon. All it took was a couple of plumbers to fix the entire mushroom kingdom right?

Luigi feels that maybe, just maybe, we make be getting a little greedy with taking all of the best from all corners of the world. He understands that there are approximately 3 billion people living in horrible poverty. They need help and they need help desperately. We cannot take them all in. It’s just not possible.

Luigi’s Major Campaign Issues

Luigi’s Major Campaign Issues…


As a citizen and a fellow American, Luigi will freely state all of his major issues for these great United States Of America.

As we all know…

This nation is extremely divided these days and this hard working plumber of Italian descent believes he has the answers to bring us together.

He wants all Americans, native born and immigrants , to reach their very best in all aspects of their lives. He wants all Americans to reach for the Star and hit moments in their lives where they feel like they can tackle and bust through all obstacles.

He wants ALL Americans to improve their economic state because he truly feels like that opportunity is just sitting out there in this great country of ours. He believes that streets of the United States Of America are littered with gold coins that anyone just has to get out and strive to reach for them.

Luigi believes that no matter what life throws our way or whatever perils fall into, we can simply dust ourselves off and start from the absolute very beginning and go at it again. He believes that we have an unlimited amount of tries to reach those goals, or flag poles in our lives.

Luigi is a man of many hats, including propeller hats that help him fly, penguin suits to help him through ice and snow, bee suits, cat suits, racoon eared hats, and frog suits, so the all the hats he would need to be wearing as the commander and chief and leader of the free world would pose him no challenge at all.

He has freed entire kingdoms from tyranny. He’s faced foreign threats the past 20 years and faced them head on, on their own turf, and come out a winner on more times than anyone can count.

He is ready to share his vision for the country and seek out your vote

He is ready to lead. He is ready to be our leader.

Bio For The Green Overall Wearing Plumber

About Luigi

Very little is known the early life of Luigi and his twin brother Mario. No information of where their parents were. No information of where they were born although it’s pretty obvious that they are from Italy. No information of when they migrated to the great USA.

All is known is that they both jumped into the scene back in 1983 as some hard-working plumbers, taking care of some of the most severe plumbing issues like the ones pictured here to left.

Someone was seriously flushing a whole lot of baby turtles and even crabs down their toilets. But no job was too great for this blue collar and hard working duo to tackle.

Many think it takes a college education to create success in life but Luigi, along with his brother, has shown us that even those of us without the ability to afford a higher education can reach great levels of success by acquiring a needed skill in the marketplace. Just like a good friend of mine that has become a successful contractor in the town I live in.

For many of the early years of Luigi’s life, his main devotion has been plumbing. Being well known for clearing pipes infested by creatures such your typical turtle and bizarre things like giant flies and living ice lifeforms with incredible efficiency, this lead naturally to bigger jobs and roles for himself.

He was asked to join his brother as a search and rescue team to retrieve a missing princess that lived in a kingdom called the Mushroom Kingdom (It’s exact geographical whereabouts are unknown to us at this time.) allegedly kidnapped by a tyrannical dictator by the name Bowser.  This kingdom had been heavily guarded Bowser’s henchmen. The mushroom kingdom geography consisted of many pipes and underground dwellings, a natural and comfortable environment to Mario and Luigi. It seemed perfectly logical for these two to handle the task to find the missing princess.

Tackling many terrains, including grassy hills, underground dwellings, underwater tunnels, and very tall mushrooms, Luigi and Mario were able to locate and search into seven different castles. They were greeted many times, to their disappointment, by a fellow mushroom kingdom citizen and soon to be lifelong friend, by the name of Toad to keep searching in other castles until they found the princess. After much work they were finally able to find this princess Peach and restore her to her rightful place in her kingdom.

As the years went by Bowser made numerous attempts to form his dictatorship and kidnap Princess Peach, but Mario and Luigi repeatedly foiled his plans.

Later, Luigi began to differentiate himself from his brother. Although in the beginning, it appeared as both Mario and Luigi are identical twins, in fact, they are fraternal twin brothers. Perhaps it was the low quality photography available in the early 1980’s that caused the confusion. Nowadays you can clearly see that Luigi is a bit taller and has a slimmer build. Luigi has improved his jumping abilities to actually jump higher than his brother but sacrificed his precision in doing so.

Luigi has also mastered many other skills including cleaning services that he has managed to turn into paranormal removal service. He has pioneered a way to use a simple vacuum cleaner as a ghost sucking contraption that defies all physics. He used it for the first time to rescue his brother from Bowser who had taken him hostage. He has used it many times since then.


Luigi has become a master racecar driver not only that, he has managed to learn how drive motorcycles and other vehicles on racetracks and speeds that would terrify just about anyone.

Luigi has mastered a unique MMA style, that can he can pretty much match up fighting just about anyone at anytime if needed. He’s mastered a unique “uppercut punch” that creates an aluminum bat hitting a baseball sound, that leaves his opponents out cold.

He has has learned to play professional sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis and the list just goes on and on.

He tends to give the appearance of being a little bit cowardly but don’t let that full you. Luigi is always just being modest. He has accomplished so much and is so happy with the levels of success he has attained that he does not want anyone to think all that success has gone to his head.

He is in fact incredible grateful to have been able to achieve all that which he has accomplished. He’s incredibly grateful to have built lasting friendships with friends like Yoshi, Toad, and Peach.

He hopes to continue his success and ability to remain an inspiration to millions.


Luigi Is Number 1!

Vote Green.Vote Luigi. It’s Not Just A Pipe Dream…


Luigi has always been a fighter. A brawler for the downtrodden. A brave warrior of the mushroom kingdom.  A blue collar, hard working, ghost vacuuming specialist, and pipe entering, down and dirty plumber.

He’s a loving and loyal brother to sibling Mario.

He’s wonderful and compassionate friend to multicolored friends called Toads and a long-tongued, shoe-wearing dinosaur named Yoshi.


He’s also, along with his brother Mario, part of a brave search and rescue team that repeatedly rescues the famous Princess Peach from the villainous threats of Bowser, the Koopa Kids, Bowser Jr., and all of his cronies and henchmen from Goombas to Koopa Troompas.

He has a “never quit attitude”.

Despite falling into countless holes, burning his rear in boiling hot lava, sinking into the abyss of deep waters, having Thwomps crush him, Piranha Plants bite him, and having red colored turtle shells ricochet back at him off pipes… the devoted plumber simply dusts himself off…grabs that power up mushroom, and just hits the ground running once again.

If you’re looking for a champion…

If you’re looking for the right person to represent you…

If you’re looking for someone that will fight for you…

You don’t have to look any further than the overall-wearing Luigi!

Luigi can help you reach economic levels as good as he has been able to achieve. A vote for him will have you improving your life and piling up wealth as easy as you run along a grassy hillside collecting gold coins.

A vote for Luigi means that in moments of difficulties in your life (like a random Goomba tripping you up or underestimating the length of a Chain Chomps chain and getting to close and being hit by its aggressive chomp!) you can simply get up and reach up for a little Star Power and rush forward through life while blowing all obstacles in your way. Everyone needs little moments of invincibility am I right?

A vote for green means that any dream you aspire to achieve CAN be achieved!

If a humble plumber can learn to master aggressive paranormal eradication with a simple vacuum cleaner, just imagine what he can inspire you to do?

If this mustached Italian can master mixed martial arts techniques so strong that give him the abilities to go to bare knuckles (well…not really. He does wear white gloves.) with sword-wielding warriors, fire-breathing monsters, powerful punching gorillas, and laser cannon blasting bounty hunters from outer space in all out, one on one brawls, and long brutal melees; just imagine what he can inspire YOU TO DO?

This simple plumber has learned to drive professionally on race tracks built on beaches, farms full of cattle, in jungles, in haunted and creaking old houses, in the middle of a frozen tundras, and even in what appears to be an alternative universe where roads look like rainbows (where one misstep can a have driver fall off course into an empty vastness of space). If he can master that profession, what makes you think you can’t reach for that next promotion at your job?

A vote for Luigi means that you’re voting for someone that believes in YOU.

He knows; if he can reach levels of success and reach pinnacles in his life he never even dreamed about way back in the early 1980’s, when he was barely known, and many times was confused with his older brother wearing different clothes, that you can achieve great things too.

So when you hit that ballot box drop your vote in for Luigi. Vote GREEN!