Current U.S. policy

It appears that the US has adopted an ‘ad hoc’ ‘shotgun’ approach.  It is ‘ad hoc’ in the sense that whatever fuel source captures a certain degree of media and business attention is pursued with great zeal.  It becomes the flavor of the month.  Usually, each of these alternatives has a business interest behind it.  With the help of lobbyists, it usually receives Congressional and Department of Energy support.  The policy is ‘shotgun’ in the sense that almost anything and everything will be pursued.

But there does seem to be an underlying strategy.  That seems to be to favor anything that is domestically sourced and reasonably clean.  Not a bad strategy, but not necessarily the best. 

Is this a large mistake?  Up until now, not really.  The US has a large energy thirst.  For a long time, the country has not put an emphasis on slaking that thirst or developing additional sources to keep up   As a result, we relied on foreign sources and stoically endured a trade deficit. Additionally, we didn’t realize that a better possibility existed.

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