Presidential Candidate Greene Lauds Thorium as the Overlooked Energy Source

Bob Greene has centered his New Hampshire Democratic Primary campaign around his “1000+ Year Energy Plan”.  The plan is based on liquid thorium fluoride reactors. “This is a systematic plan to cover the bulk of our nation’s and the world’s energy needs soon and beyond the foreseeable future. We often hear people ask, ‘What sort of legacy are we leaving our children and grandchildren?’ Now we have at least one place where we can say, we took care of one big problem for you” stated Dr. Greene. “We can also take a big bite out of global warming and other national policy issues at the same time.”

“Oh! By the way, The Chinese government announced in January 2011 that they intend to own all the intellectual property rights in this area” Greene added. “Thorium is the internet of energy, i.e., it changes virtually everything else.  It is going to happen with or without us.  Are we going to cede another great American invention to others to sell back to us?  Let’s be the leaders.”

I would like to see our leaders engage in a serious energy policy discussion that includes a thorium implementation. This subject is non-partisan. Because of the magnitude of the implications, it is truly a NATIONAL SECURITY topic, more so than many others that are claimed to be.

I ask the voters of New Hampshire and the general public throughout this great country to join me in demanding a fair and complete hearing of our energy policy including thorium. Demand it of your politicians. Demand it of the media.

A vote for me on the Democratic ballot sends a message to our politicians that you want to see and hear this issue debated. Reminder:Registered Independents may select a Democratic ballot at the poll.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bob Greene

Note: Candidate Bob Greene has no financial interest in Thorium or its implementation.

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