About Luigi

Very little is known the early life of Luigi and his twin brother Mario. No information of where their parents were. No information of where they were born although it’s pretty obvious that they are from Italy. No information of when they migrated to the great USA.

All is known is that they both jumped into the scene back in 1983 as some hard working plumbers, taking care of some of the most severe plumbing issues like the ones pictured here to left.

Some one was seriously flushing a whole lot of baby turtles and even crabs down their toilets. But no job was too great for this blue collar and hard working duo to tackle.

Many think it takes a college education to create success in life but Luigi, along with his brother, have shown us that even those of us without the ability to afford a higher education can reach great levels of success by acquiring a needed skill in the market place.

For many of the early years of Luigi’s life, his main devotion has been plumbing. Being well known for clearing pipes infested by creatures such your typical turtle and bizarre things like giant flies and living ice lifeforms with incredible efficiency, this lead naturally to bigger jobs and roles for himself.

He was asked to join his brother as a search and rescue team to retrieve a missing princess that lived in a kingdom called the Mushroom Kingdom (It’s exact geographical whereabouts are unknown to us at this time.) allegedly kidnapped by a tyrannical dictator by the name Bowser.  This kingdom had been heavily guarded Bowser’s henchmen. The mushroom kingdom geography consisted of many pipes and underground dwellings, a natural and comfortable environment to Mario and Luigi. It seemed perfectly logical for these two to handle the task to find the missing princess.

Tackling many terrains, including grassy hills, underground dwellings, underwater tunnels, and very tall mushrooms, Luigi and Mario were able to locate and search into seven different castles. They were greeted many times, to their disappointment, by a fellow mushroom kingdom citizen and soon to be lifelong friend, by the name of Toad to keep searching in other castles until they found the princess. After much work they were finally able to find this princess Peach and restore her to her rightful place in her kingdom.

As the years went by Bowser made numerous attempts to form his dictatorship and kidnap Princess Peach, but Mario and Luigi repeatedly foiled his plans.

Later, Luigi began to differentiate himself from his brother. Although in the beginning, it appeared as both Mario and Luigi are identical twins, in fact, they are fraternal twin brothers. Perhaps it was the low quality photography available in the early 1980’s that caused the confusion. Nowadays you can clearly see that Luigi is a bit taller and has a slimmer build. Luigi has improved his jumping abilities to actually jump higher than his brother but sacrificed his precision in doing so.

Luigi has also mastered many other skills including cleaning services that he has managed to turn into paranormal removal service. He has pioneered a way to use a simple vacuum cleaner as a ghost sucking contraption that defies all physics. He used it for the first time to rescue his brother from Bowser who had taken him hostage. He has used it many times since then.


Luigi has become a master racecar driver not only that, he has managed to learn how drive motorcycles and other vehicles on racetracks and speeds that would terrify just about anyone.

Luigi has mastered a unique MMA style, that can he can pretty much match up fighting just about anyone at anytime if needed. He’s mastered a unique “uppercut punch” that creates an aluminum bat hitting a baseball sound, that leaves his opponents out cold.

He has has learned to play professional sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis and the list just goes on and on.

He tends to give the appearance of being a little bit cowardly but don’t let that full you. Luigi is always just being modest. He has accomplished so much and is so happy with the levels of success he has attained that he does not want anyone to think all that success has gone to his head.

He is in fact incredible grateful to have been able to achieve all that which he has accomplished. He’s incredibly grateful to have built lasting friendships with friends like Yoshi, Toad, and Peach.

He hopes to continue his success and ability to remain an inspiration to millions.