Luigi’s Campaign Issues

Luigi’s Major Campaign Issues…


As citizen and a fellow American, Luigi will freely state all of his major issues for these great United States Of America.

As we all know…

This nation is extremely divided these days and this hardworking plumber of Italian descent believes he has the answers to bring us together.

He wants all Americans, native born and immigrants, to reach their very best in all aspects of their lives. He wants all Americans to reach for the Star and hit moments in their lives where they feel like the can tackle and bust through all obstacles.

He wants ALL Americans to improve their economic state because he truly feels like that opportunity is just sitting out there in this great country of our. He believes that streets of the United States Of America are littered with gold coins that anyone just has to get out and strive to reach for them.

Luigi believes that no matter what life throws our way or whatever perils fall into, we can simple dust ourselves off and start from the absolute very beginning and go at it again. He believes that we have unlimited amount of tries to reach that goals, or flag poles in our lives.

Luigi is a man of many hats, including propeller hats that help him fly, penguin suits to help him through ice and snow, bee suits, cat suits, racoon eared hats, and frog suits, so the all the hats he would need to be wearing as the commander and chief and leader of the free world would pose him no challenge at all.

He has freed entire kingdoms from tyranny. He’s faced foreign threats the past 20 years and faced them head on, on their own turf, and come out a winner on more times than anyone can count.

He is ready to share his vision for the country and seek out your vote

He is ready to lead. He is ready to be our leader.