Luigi’s Stance On Our Economy…


When it come to the United States America, Luigi believes that every single citizen has the potential to excel in a strong and vibrant economy. He believes that a capitalistic economy gives every single person the absolute best and fair opportunity at achieving their dreams.

Now, does that mean that Luigi believes that an individual should go out there and just be left unprepared to face the world ahead?

Absolutely not! He does believes in have a centralized Government to protect people and give them a safety net (or recovery bubbles as he like to call them) if they hit some rocky times in their lives. However, he does believe that giving people way too many bubbles will in the end hurt them. Too much help has never helped everyone. He understands that it’s the actual work and also all of the trial and errors of life that make an individual exceptional.

Luigi strongly believes in capitalistic model of economics.

Why you might ask?

He has experienced first hand how it can help a couple of italian plumbers with only plumbing skills give them a shot at greatness.

In a capitalistic model of economy he sees that private citizens help one another with goods and services that other private citizens actually need.

For example; the toilet of a homeowner is seriously clogged up or a business has their piping in their facility crawling with turtles and giant crabs, what does a homeowner or business owner do? Unclog the toilet themselves? Punch turtles and crabs from underneath where the walk to flip them over and then kick them themselves? NO SIR! they call a professional. The call the Mario Brother Plumbing Company and they go out and take care of the problem for them in exchange for money.

There are plenty of other plumbers out there for sure but customers will seek out the ones that are good and do things for a fair price. If  plumber stinks at what they do or is only able to eradicate small numbers of turtles from pipes then they will no longer be called.

That is Capitalism in it’s simplest forms.

He strongly believes that individuals should strive to attain more than they believe they can do. He often wonders why any person would sit around and wait for some elected bald guy sitting in some government office chair wait to give them a raise. Why wait for a government official to raise their minimum wage when they can go out and make a bigger wage all on their own.

He sees what a dictatorship has done for other regions of the earth and he doesn’t like it much. He well knows that dictators promise great things to their citizens to gain power only to in the end keep the power and wealth all to themselves. Just take a look at that tyrant Bowser trying to do it all the time!

A country like Cuba promised its people a Socialist wonderland where everyone get a fair share of everything and look what it’s done? Luigi knows that the average wage earnings for those citizens is about $20 a month! Terrible! And no innovation has ever come from a country like that!

Luigi also wants you to REALLY think about this now…

Throughout the history of the world, only the United States Of America granted its citizens full FREEDOM to do whatever they wanted. This created a capitalistic economy. The first of its kind.

What an amazing coincidence that in the past 240 years (length of time the USA has been around) all of the most groundbreaking creations and inventions have hit the world. Electricity was discovered in America. The discovery of flight first took place in America with the Wright brothers. The first car was invented and drove off a lot in America. The light bulb was invented and first lit up in the USA. Things like the first zipper, the microwave, traffic lights, hearing aids and so many other things came from America.

The most life changing things like the computer and smartphone all came from a capitalistic country called the USA.

Why didn’t any of these come from Mexico, India, Brazil, France, or one of hundreds of other countries?

It was a capitalistic country that made it happen. The United States of America was the first to embrace such a system and it’s the system Luigi fully endorses.