Environment and Energy

Luigi On The Environment and Energy


As we all know, Luigi busted out into the scene way back in 1983. Ever since those days he’s remembered the countless times people has said the earth and the environment is going down the pipes.

Way back in those days it was called the “Greenhouse Effect”. They claimed that we, the human race, was creating so much exhaust from all of our fossil fuel burning, that we were starting to create a barrier that trapped in the sun’s rays and was starting to warm up the earth.

Luigi would look at small kids being taught this as saw how they felt horrible about the whole thing!

As the years went by, for some reason or another, they no longer used the words “Greenhouse Effect” anymore. Luigi would be confused as he started to hear it called “Global Warming” next. He guessed maybe they started to call it that since that was what the greenhouse effect was suppose to be causing it. This seemed to be the thing to call what, supposedly, the human race was doing to destroy its own environment.

Luigi took notice as this whole “Global Warming” kept trending all through the 1990’s around the time him and his brother were introduced to new worlds and new friends. Wasn’t long before they once again changed the whole term for the human race, supposedly, destroying the environment to now being called “Climate Change”. Probably had to do with certain parts of the world not warming at all. Luigi has even heard that we might actually be having more ice on the polar ice caps then we had before!

The reason luigi brings all of this up is because he strongly believes that human beings simply cannot change the climate! 

The reason he doesn’t think so is that Luigi and his brother have visited numerous different worlds, many that aren’t located by science, and he sees how much destruction happens to this world’s (Mario Galaxy) and they always seem to bounce right back. The mushroom kingdom has been invaded more times than you can count with villains, piranha plants, Koopa kids taking over castles and fortresses, and every time Mario and Luigi.

He feels like the same thing happens with the earth. He strongly believes that whatever we do to this world and its environment, someway, somehow, it will bounce right back. The earth just like other worlds always go through changes.

What’s that old science law say? Energy and matter are always in a constant state of motion. Always. Why should the environment and the climate be any different?

Wouldn’t it be odd if it was always 90 degrees in a certain part of the USA every single years and every single day?

Does this mean he thinks we should just be reckless and be polluting away like other much more populated countries do every day? Of course not! We should use the natural resources we got responsibly and cleanly until we do find new sources of energy can be discovered.

On other worlds, he saw how energy was emitted from a simple bouncing star that he touched and it gave him an incredible energy that it actually made his entire body glow. It also rendered him invincible for a short period of time. He has also touched gigantic flowers that gave him abilities to throw fireballs from his bare hands without burning him! He even stumbled upon these same flowers of different varieties that gave him the ability to throw ice without giving him frostbite!

Keep in mind that all of these strange sources of energy were completely natural and gave off no known emissions. Perhaps one day, we in the USA will find a way to create clean sources of energy that can serve the entire world.

For now, Luigi is a huge supporter of using all of our energy sources that we can here on our own turf. He wants to use natural gas, oil, and coal. He also wants to use solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear power whenever he can. In his opinion, whatever energy source is the cheapest and can provide the most for most Americans is the energy source we need to focus on the most.

The world will endure. No matter what we use to fuel or energy needs, the earth will always bounce back. Even if we did damage it, are we not then admitting that we can change the environment? If we can control it, why couldn’t we change it right back then?