Luigi’s Stance On Immigration…

As we are all aware of, immigration is a huge issue in this country of ours and Luigi’s stance on it can be simplified in one small sentence…

Welcome!! However, please wait your turn… 

So what exactly does he mean by this?

It’s really simple actually. He believes that the United States of America is the greatest country that has ever excited in the history of the world. He is also VERY much aware that their are literally million upon millions of people wanting to get into this country. However, Luigi and all of his learned history and knowledge of lands that are not even geographically located on any of our maps, knows that not everyone can get in.

He strongly believes in an orderly system to allow immigrants that love America just as he does a chance to become citizens but strongly dislikes people cutting in line and getting into America illegally. Do you have any idea just how many times Luigi had to wait his turn to “go next” in all of his crazy and wacky adventures with his brother Mario!?

Luigi always…always…always waited his turn. for over 20 years he has waited his turn. He patiently waited his turn and in the beginning all of the plumbing business him and his brother started all were named after his twin brother. All of their crazy adventures that his brother and him set of to experience were all documented in historical documents, such as Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario 3, Super Mario World, and the list goes on and on, were all listed with his brothers name. He always waited his turn.

Sure enough, enough time passed and he was let in an he set off on his very own adventures all documented and named after him! Like the time he went out to find his lost brother in what is now called Luigi’s Mansion.

He doesn’t believe that it is fair for other people to cut in line to get into the USA. Those who really want in, in time, will get in.

Luigi does have very unique and unusual way of thinking when it come to immigration…

Although he loves it that people really want to come into the United States, he believes that we actually may be doing great harm to the world by always taking the brightest, the smartest, the hardest working people from around the world all of the time.

Here is an example he wants you, the voter to really think about.

When Princess Peach was abducted by the tyrant Bowser and all of his minions, time and time again, Princess Peach never thought about leaving her mushroom kingdom. I’m sure it had become a very pain, being kidnapped on a regular basis but she hung in there, with the help of Mario and Luigi of course!

You see, what if Princess Peach decided that she wanted to leave her kingdom and come to the United States? What would have happened to the Mushroom Kingdom and all of its citizens?

What about when Mario set off to clean Delfino Plaza and all the hijinx caused up by Bowser Jr.? What if all the citizens decided they’d like to migrate to the USA? What would have happened to that entire island with no one there to take care of it?

What about if Rosalina had left the Mario Galaxy world and left all of her Luma’s behind? What would happen to all of those Lumas and those planets?

You see, If we keep taking all the very best from the world, we are not allowing for other nations and countries to become great themselves.

With Mexico, we constantly take in the hardest working people that you can imagine. Luigi wonders what would happen if not a single solitary Mexican were ever allowed into America from this point forward, or if for some reason or another, the great United States of America vanished into thin air, or was destroyed by an asteroid and there was no place for people seeking opportunity to go to anymore, what would all those people do in their own country?

Luigi believes that they would turn it around. They would make their own country great! It does not take many to make a change. All it takes is one George Washington, one Abe Lincoln, one Mahatma Gandhi, one Martin Luther King Jr. to make a monstrous change to the world. I mean, c’mon. All it took was a couple of plumbers to fix the entire mushroom kingdom right?

Luigi feels that maybe, just maybe, we make be getting a little greedy with taking all of the best from all corners of the world. He understands that there are approximately 3 billion people living in horrible poverty. They need help and they need help desperately. We cannot take them all in. It’s just not possible.