Luigi On Taxes…


We all hate it. We all hate taxes. For thousands and thousands of years, human beings have had to deal with people in power collecting taxes.

The good thing in America is that for the most part, the wealthiest people in the country tend to pay the most taxes. People with lower incomes don’t really have to worry about it much.

You might think that someone like Luigi is okay with this model of tax collection but you would be shocked to learn he isn’t at all. Luigi has spent the last 20 years collecting and amassing a huge amounts of coins. Of course, this has made him into a multi-millionair. It’s taken him that long to pile up all that wealth, so why does he have to be unfairly taxed for all of his hard work?

Luigi Believes That Everyone Should Pay Taxes, Even The Poor.

Now, you might be wondering why Luigi thinks in this way…

Luigi strongly believes that if everyone participates and if everyone is involved with having some skin in the game with paying into the federal government, then all of a sudden, everyone is going to care about what government does with the money they take.

You see, Luigi has always believed in paying an equal percentage of tax to the federal government. He is very much aware that government does need money to function. We need a military, we need roads, bridges, and infrastructure. We need police, fire departments, first responders for medical emergencies. We need money for schools and teachers. We need money to help with social programs to help the less fortunate (to an extent of course.

Luigi knows a good, strong, and reliable government, needs to be well funded but he also knows all too well how much government waste and corruption takes place. The majority of the citizens don’t even know what is spent on government and in what quantities because they simply do not care. They don’t pay into any of it so why should they?

Now imagine this…

Every single solitary citizen earning money in the United States got taxed at 20% no matter how much or how little they made. So a teenager working fast food part time makes $10,000 a year would pay a $2,000 tax bill. Now a doctor making $1,000,000 a year would also be taxed at the same 20% and would pay $200,000 a year. They both pay 20% and is totally and completely fair.

Here is another thing…

There would be a lot more revenue to go around and it would fund things easily. Luigi believes that it’s a lot easier to shake down 1,000,000 people for $20 each to fund $20,000,000 worth of government than to try to shake down a guy making $100 million a year who will obviously lawyer up and find every possible loophole to avoid paying as little as he can.

Luigi learned this way back in the 1980’s when he say people pumping out quarter after quarter into those arcade cabinets to play his wacky adventures in cleaning pipes from turtles and crabs. Entire businesses ran on collecting quarters!

Luigi also strongly believes that if this idea was implemented, it would unite the nation. Like he like to say, everyone at that point will have “skin in the game”.¬†

All of a sudden, that young kid making $10,000 year is going to actually care how much the government spends to repair a road. A cashier at Walmart making $20,000 a year and having to pay $4,000 in taxes is suddenly going to have a major issue on how much is spent on education. A kid scooping ice cream making minimum wage after school will have a cow knowing $40 of his $200 is spent foolishly on some stupid government grant to fund how long it takes paint to dry. Everyone would care. Everyone would pay attention.

Luigi also understands that their are people that really believe that the wealthiest Americans should pay more. Well, with Luigi’s tax plan they do. A guy making 100 million a year would pay 20 million dollars. A guy making 1 billion a year would pay 200 million dollars. Have a gal making $1,000,000 a year? Well, guess what? She’d forking over $200,000 in taxes. That’s a tremendous amount of money the wealthiest would pay. They would also be no way to avoid paying it.

So many politicians like divide us up. They like to pit one American against another American. It is so much easier that way to get elected. That’s why they do it. The pit the rich against the poor. They put a race of people between another.

It’s not the way to do things. We need to do things that unite us all. It in incredibly difficult to get every American on the same page with just about anything these day. Is’nt crazy to think that maybe, just maybe, something like paying taxes could be the way unite us all?

In the beginning when the founding fathers framed the United States of America they understood that a central government was a necessary evil. The put in place ways to prevent it from becoming too powerful.

Luigi can find no other way to not only keep in check by having every citizen pay the tab to fund it, while at the same time having the power to cut off its funding. Powerful as the government can be, it still must not, in no way shape or form, ever bite the hand that feeds it. And in this case, bite the hand of every single American citizen that feeds it.