Luigi Will Stomp OutĀ Terrorism…

Luigi on the cover may give the appearance of being a bit scared and easily intimidated but he only does that to give the impression that he’s not willing to fight. However, if you cross Luigi, you will feel his wrath! He is absolutely relentless and will stop at nothing to conquer his enemies.

Luigi has a incredibly strong stance against terrorism. He will not tolerate it in any way. Luigi is not afraid.

He believes that terrorist organization can not be bargained with or negotiated with.

Luigi is willing to take the fight to the enemy on their own turf if the need should arise.

Don’t believe him?

Just look at how he and his brother have went out, clearly outnumbered and undersupplied, to attack and defend the citizens of the mushroom kingdom.

They have faced a tyrannical dictator time and time again and the forces of carnivorous plants, huge hammer wielding turtles, airborne attacks from flying turtles dropping spinny enemies from high up above and ALWAYS have come up victorious.

You see, the way Luigi sees it, there are simply bad people, enemies, and just flat out “bad guys” out in the world that need to be eradicated from the world. Sure, he has tried and tried over and over again to finish off Bowser and his minions only to have him try to come back, again and again, but what happen if he stood around and did nothing?

There is no getting along with “bad guys” like Bowser. There is no negotiating with evil doers like King Wart. All these types of villains want and desire are power and to force their way of life and beliefs onto others.

If you vote for Luigi, you will be voting for a guy that will take the fight to any person, organization, kingdom, or country that threaten the lives or way of life to the people of the United States of America. Even if it means that the odds may be not in our favor in doing so, he knows that someway, somehow, we will prevail.

Him and his brother have always been a master of their environments and tactical fighting techniques. From finding fire flowers, ice flowers, magical leaves that gave them the ability to fly and descend safely from high platforms, he will use that same mindset and skillset to fight our enemies abroad.

He’s also great at building relationships and allies with foreign citizens like he and his brother were able to gain the allegiance with small, thought to be extinct dinosaurs, called Yoshi that come in a vast array of colors. They also had the remarkable ability to throw their tongues out and consume their enemies in what appear to be unlimited quantities.

Who knows what type of allies Luigi will find out there and get him to help the USA in whatever threats face our country? Who knows what resources we can tap into if we decide to take the fight to our enemies before they decide to take the fight to us?

With Luigi as commander in chief, you can rest assured that no matter what enemy decides to attack us, we will take the fight to them and squash it out as easily as he stomps out a Goomba.